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Chuck Barris' life reads amazingly like a bestseller novel he wrote called "You And Me Babe"


Chuck Barris Fan Club

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October 04, 2008



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Winner Of The Entertainment 
Award of Excellence from 
      Nu-Horizon. 4/15/03

One of the most ingenious creators to ever hit the TV circut.

Chuck Barris has long been abused by the critics in every facet of the business he has attempted. Not a fair surmise for a man of such talents.

This man has been criticized and ridiculed, but never honored for his great contributions to the Television Industry. Chuck created over the years popular game
shows such as "The Dating Game", "The Newlywed
Game" and "The Gong Show which has seen a rebirth
since "The Game Show Network" showed the  reruns a few years ago.

You will find on this website, his contributions to the world of entertainment and much more. He is also is a film director, music writer and author.

This Fan Club is dedicated to that man Chuck Barris.




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