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Chuck Hosts Gong Show At Local New York YMCA



5 West 63rd Street

New York NY  10023


Presents The Second Annual


Hosted by the Legendary Chuck Barris


The Little Theatre

Thursday May 29th  2003

8:00 pm





Chuck graciously hosted the entire show, which had 12 kooky acts that included the following:


Hillbilly Bob -- recited some pretty putrid Shakespeare

Squirrel Amnesia -- a guy who shook-up cans of coke and then opened each one while standing on a skateboard. (The amnesia is that he couldn't remember that each can of coke explodes in his face). You could only imagine how messy this was!

Superghettofabulous Man -- a fly Superman rapper

Amy and the Angels -- one tough stage mother and her 2 loose kids.
There performance stank soooooooooo bad that they won first prize!

That evening, we were visited by New York 1 television's entertainment host George Whipple. 
We also had a visit from CNN. Both stations covered the event and reported throughout the weekend of May 29th

When the evening closed, Chuck received a standing ovation from a sold-out audience.
On behalf of all at the West Side YMCA, we are so grateful to Chuck Barris for this special moment in entertainment history.


                                     West Side YMCA's Gong Show acts. Chuck Barris is in the middle. 
                                Taken inside the Little Theater at the West Side YMCA in New York City 
                                                                                                             --- photo by Dwight Jordan.



                                                 Chuck Barris with New York 1 entertainment newscaster 
                                                 George Whipple. Taken inside the Little Theater at the 
                                                West Side YMCA in New York City. --- photo by Dwight Jordan.


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